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one teen is dead. two others are injured. i'm cheryl o'connor. new information about a high school charged with raping another teen in school. maryland's we'll talk about when the sun comes back when we start to warm up. >> a great place for your kids to really improve in themselves. your kid could be the next ray rice or adam jones. the school that says can help your kids go pro. baltimore put one of the best shows ever. three teens were stabbed
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near the parade route. >>reporter: kelly the police isn't saying if the kids were in the parade but it left one dead and two others injured. >> just two blocks the signs of purple with red tape. police say a fight happened at the corner of howard and fayette to celebrate the super bowl win was ending. >> the ambulance came and they were trying to revive him. >> three people were stabbed between 16-18 years old. one went under cardiac arrested, the second in critical condition and the other in serious condition. >> the mcdonald's shut down for the afternoon. the stabbing was outside of
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the restaurant. >> we know so far it was an isolated incident. they knew their attackers. >> cameras are helping homicide detectives and looking for at least one suspect. >> violence again, even with the deterrent of police officers and helicopter and people celebrate, people still have to resort to violence over something petty. >> something the police were planning weeks before the ravens win. >> they stopped everything. >> and tonight police say cameras in that area have given they leads but so far no suspect information. cheryl o'connor. >> thanks for that report. coming back after the weather we'll look at the parade and the best moments from
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the ravens welcome home party. tonight news of a high school in columbia -- they arrested deshawn jones is being charged as an adult. he and a 14-year-old student decided to cut class and grabbed her into an empty room and raped her. it occurred yesterday but there is still no notification. >> we find out on facebook and the social networks. but officially they haven't said anything because any other parents didn't know anything about it. >> we contacted the school district and the high school and so far no one has returned our calls. new tonight a coach pled guilty
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to sexually abusing a child back in the 80s. she said the abuse happened at his former homes and the swimming facilities at the george town school. authorities will decide if mike michael johnson killed -- the state says johnson killed her and put her body in a container and dumped her in the river. he states they never approved a motive. trapped fire fighters and one is resting in a hospital. and they are home tonight. they are lucky to have escaped with non-life
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threatening injuries. the plan to build a new elementary school. at the voted unanimously tonight to build the school. it was very controversial because few children live in thand surrounded by retirement communities and no word on when they will break ground. on the weather front we continue to see a few light showers. there are some flurries. we'll taking to the most powerful radar return we have now is in the northern eastern corner. you have a couple wintery type showers in this direction earlier tonight and another one late tonight. right around from edge wood towards northeast temperatures are above freezing from baltimore south. then we are up to 40
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in the midday. that's stray ahead. ravens nation. if we can't do it, it can't be done. >> ravens nation today. more than 70,000 people packed the stadium and the fans got to see one last dance from ray lewis. jeff hager was there for the celebration. baltimore has been waiting for it for 12 years. >> a makeshift field -- some give up close time for head coach john hardball. i standing radio a standing room only crowd
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welcome the second on trophy in ravens history. a man who helped them to obtain that, ray lewis. >> baltimore! there is nothing in the world, there is no place on this earth that's better than baltimore. >> entering the stadium the chance of mvp ravens quarterback joe flacco. >> we've been through a lot this year, a lot of highs and couple lows and you have been here through it all. you are a special group and we love it. it doesn't get any better than this. we appreciate you coming out today. thank you this is awesome. >> thank you. we talk about the team.
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look around. this is team. this whole stadium is packed with the baltimore ravens team together. >> and as the players exited the stadium owner whisks away the hardware and the fans know they have been a part of the day that they will long remember the players of baltimore. >> i had to make sure my granddaughter came here so she'll be able to see. she wasn't here in 2001. >> that was jeff hager reporting. even president obama was impressed. he called them to congratulate them on their victory. as happy as you were that the
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ravens won you may have felt bad for the 49ers. they said this is not the ending we planned for. >> it doesn't feel good to be home. i figure i would be out in the ba hams celebrating the victory. it our time. >> the players say they won't be broken by the loss and hope to use it as fuel to be back for the super bowl and win next year. think emit telling him to restrain player i am baby jod oh from same sex marriage. he receives what he calls a cautionary letters from a joint committee. they criticized him to use official letterhead to write the
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letter but didn't recommend further action. today's scouts and their family's are pushing for the policy of the scouts. >> even though my discounts and parents love me and thank me for all the hard work based on this archaic policy. >> a substantial amount of life. sexuality is not one of them and never has been and doesn't need to be. that's the real issue going on here. >> the supreme court ruled in 2000 that the ban was constitutional. >> obama will be at the annual
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retreat. no reporter's and constituents are invited. we have a complete list of closures on our website. lauren cook will have her time saver traffic report and beyond so make sure you turn into good morning maryland tomorrow starting at 4:30. a man who held a child hostage for a week died. the boy was rescued from an underground bunker. tonight they are still searching his property. ethan has been released from the hospital. >> he was running around the hospital room and putting sticky notes to everyone that was there and eating a sandwich and watching spongebob. >> we also found out the fbi
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used drones to conduct surveillance around-the-clock. dozens of homes are damaged as a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami. an earthquake measured 8.0 on the richter scale. coming up in a one it sounds real. it's a drill. find out why one school say they needed to go to this length to prepare students. still feels like winter in this area. cold air hanging out for a couple days and we'll talk about how it will change by the weekend. coming up. giving chills to the kids
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and how they can change that. coming back in 60 seconds.
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a school shows the length one school is going for. a drill yesterday complete with police and snipers and people reflect serious injuries. school says it was dramatic but better safe than sorry. >> we need to be prepared and be able to assure parents that we are doing everything on our end to make our school safe for their students. >> law makers in washington dc is pushing for new gun control measures. they presented a new bill and
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talked about his personal tie with gun violence of a shooting death of his 20-year-old nephew. >> a year-and-a-half ago i lost my nephew to gun violence. like our beautiful children to sandy hook, he was an amazing young man with his entire life ahead of him. >> comings is one of four people bat links battling this. >> more people are taking vacations. two-thirds of americans are not on facebook and people have taken a break from logging on. most say they just don't have time and others say there is too much drama and gossip. before you take your facebook vacation. you might want to take your
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settings. facebook is now a allowing a grasp search. photos that can be hidden are not searchable. go to the activity log and you can post your your pictures to friend only. the ravens super bowl win is a great example on how sports can play a huge role in kids lives whether it's making a touchdown. it teaches kids how to get involved and work together . they are making young athletes on the field and also better this life. >> nice. make sure you keep that step up. >> each step has made max freeman stronger in his mind.
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when he first met this six grader he was a shy kid. >> max was one of the quietest kids i have ever trained. >> that's changed since he joined this program. >> here in group sessions their work on everything from building strengths to coordination. the goal is not only the make you a better athlete, but a better person. >> not a competitive sport where we are pitting kids against each other. it's to teach them to improve themselves. >> i would say we are playing tough but now it's okay. >> that positive attitude has made a difference for max on the court and the field. he plays baseball and basketball for the school and on several travel teams. his dad says this changes the way max
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approaches the game. >> anytime he approaches the field, he carries himself with i can do this. i can succeed. >> the success has carried over into the classroom as well. >> if it hard, i always say, wait, i can do this. >> now he's becoming a leader and leading everybody and telling everybody what they should do. >> it's been such a positive experience for max, his younger brother alex is following in his footsteps. kids as young as 7 can enroll. >> this is a place where they can improve themselves and gain confidence. >> helping the young athletes to focus. linda, abc tv news.
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>> for the latest breaking stories you can find your stories in the health section of abc 2 let's check maryland with a very little precipitation here in northern cecil county. that's about it. most is clear with a rain shower or two out of virginia. weather and motion through day, cloudy sky on this ravens parade day. but on the whole not bad. rain just passing and rain mixed with snow showers. light flurries in the area. in minnesotaapolis a general drive there.
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one degree above that critical mark. spots in the state or tonight will fall below freezing so realize there could be potential spots in the area and burst of a light rain. maybe some slick spots in there. be cautious in there over night. temperatures tonight in the low 30s. maybe 42 degrees a little warmer towards dc and we cool off again on thursday as the clouds roll back in. some spots and north west of the city could be by 20 in daybreak and low 40s by tomorrow afternoon. still a few bands in west
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virginia and west of frederick's town and some of that light showers. no cloud cover left and then as we work into the the day on thursday, our sunny start thursday morning but clouds rolling in the afternoon. it could start as the winter mix changing to rain through the day on friday. you can see the pattern here. we are still on a cold wedge of air locked in across the mid-atlantic and great lakes. locked in. we don't expect the mild air to push in until early next week. we'll stay into a winter like pattern. and you can see a few showers in our direction. and as tomorrow, we have clear skies and a low 40s a possibility but our next weather system coming up as friday with rain and may start out as a wintery
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mix tomorrow morning. tomorrow 42 and tomorrow night cold mid 20s. friday might start off with a mixed precipitation. we'll keep that milder by sunday. back to you, kelly. another familiar face. and before joining the list he was well-known for animal planets funniest animals. don't forget right before abc 2 news at 5:00. more news coming up.
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it's time.
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may seem like common sense but you should never flip off a judge. her bond was originally set at $5,000 but the judge upped it to $10,000. >> did you say that? you did say that? >> yes, sir. >> thirty days in the county jail. >> she also faces jail time. not a smart move. it could be hard to find a roommate but this man thinks
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it's a good idea to attract applicants. he's asking $1400 a month for the room. >> a lot of people are going to move in with that guy. >> we actually have one. pails to comparison. thank you kelly. take a quick check of the weather over night. bottom line it's cold, yes, but the flurries are ending and the sun is coming out for a chunk of the day tomorrow at least. that's going to be a nice change for us. low 40s compared to what it's been. enjoy what we have. friday it looks like rain and maybe a little winter mix in front of that and windy weather on friday and
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all right time to pull out the orange opening day just two months way. have a good night.
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